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Express Yourself Children’s Calming Box

Express Yourself Children’s Calming Box

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Children's Calming Box: The Children's calming box has been personalized to suit early learners between the ages of 3-10 years old. The goal is to provide a safe, comforting, and engaging resource that supports a child's emotional well-being and helps them learn valuable skills for managing their feelings. It offers children a positive and constructive way to find calm and self-regulate when they are experiencing stress or strong emotions.

"The Calming Box" contains 3-5 carefully selected items that may include:

-Sensory Soothers: Fidget toys, squishy balls, or stress-relief items for tactile stimulation.
Soft, comforting objects such as stuffed animals or plush blankets.
Aromatherapy items like scented playdough or stress-relief putty.

-Visual Distraction Tools: Visual stim toys like a kaleidoscope or liquid motion timer.
Small, calming visual art or picture books.

-Relaxation Resources: Guided imagery or simple meditation scripts tailored to children's understanding. A journal or drawing pad for creative expression and processing feelings.

-Calming Sounds: Soothing music or nature sounds on a small music player.
Noise-canceling headphones for creating a peaceful auditory environment.

-Inspirational and Uplifting Items: Illustrated books or cards with positive affirmations.
A picture album with images of family, friends, or cherished memories. A gratitude journal for promoting a positive mindset.

-Self-Soothing Techniques: A set of illustrated cards with deep breathing exercises or progressive muscle relaxation techniques. Tips for self-soothing and managing strong emotions.

-Art Supplies: Colored pencils, markers, or crayons and coloring books for creative expression.
Small craft kits for hands-on creative projects.

-Calm-Down Corner Signage: A sign or visual cue designating a "Calm-Down Corner" where the box is located.

-Calming Tools for the Senses: Lavender-scented sachets or essential oil rollerballs.
A cozy, kid-sized weighted blanket for comfort and relaxation.

-Educational Materials: Books or pamphlets that teach children about emotions, empathy, and coping strategies.
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