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Express Yourself Bundle

Express Yourself Bundle

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 Express Yourself Bundle.

Receive 1 child's calming box and 1 adult self-care box 5-6 items in each box It's Coaching in a Box (Delivered Right To Your Door!) Exclusive Access to Parent Workshops, Free Downloads, and a Virtual Calming Room Retail Value Over $500 If That’s Not Enough….You Also Receive FREE SHIPPING!

Mutual Healing: Bond Strengthening: As both parent and child heal, the bond between them grows stronger. This bond becomes a source of support and understanding for both parties. Shared Growth: The healing journey can become a shared experience, fostering empathy and understanding between parent and child. It promotes open communication and mutual support. Family Harmony: Healing within the parent-child relationship contributes to overall family harmony. It creates an environment where conflicts are resolved more peacefully and understanding is cultivated. In summary, healing within the parent-child relationship is transformative. It not only benefits the individuals involved but also lays the foundation for healthier family dynamics, fostering emotional well-being and growth for both parent and child.

NOTE:without the subscription It is $58 for one month access, and subscription boxes, shipping is included.

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